Can you use a tile saw to cut wood?

Question by takernhbk: Can you use a tile saw to cut wood?
I have some scrap wood I would like to cut up to burn like paneling, 2×4, 1×3,ect…. Just needing some advice.

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Answer by Bruce Goss
The diamond blade will smoke, burn and chew its way through a stick if forced to, I’ve seen it.
It’s not really a good idea and it will take forever to do any real work.
Probably overheat and warp the diamond blade before you get to far.
Your friends and co-workers will think you are a little odd.
I have seen people put a wood blade on a tile saw and use it like a chop saw but this is really unsafe as the saw blade has no guard and you could get hurt.
It’s always best to use the right tool for the job. Someone you know has a skill saw or a chop saw.
Be careful.

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